Results in COMPUTER SCIENCE session in 1994, Visegrád, Hungary


  Name From Title of the Presentation
Best Student Roman Shaposhnik Saint-Petersburg, Russia  
1st Prize Sergey Oleynik Minsk, Belarus  
2nd Prize Vasily Zacharov Moscow, Russia  
Stanislav Stolyar Saint-Petersburg, Russia  
Artyom Gavrilov Minsk, Belarus  
3rd Prize Gleb Belov Ufa, Russia  
Ruslan Duzyan Chernivtzi, Ukraine  
Special Prize      


The International Jury
Name From
Antal Csákány Eötvös University
Budapest, Hungary
Bagyinszki Jánosné Eötvös University
Budapest, Hungary
Tibor Temesvári Eötvös University
Budapest, Hungary
Valery Uzdin  
Moscow, Russia
George Krilov State University of Belarus
Minsk, Belarus

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