Results in ECOLOGY session in 1998, Visegrád, Hungary


  Name From Title of the Presentation
1st Prize Mikolt Bakony
Ibolya Czegle
Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium
Budapest, Hungary
Forests from shabby shoes?
2nd Prize Tiberiu Stefan Braica Brassai Sámuel High School
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
The Noise Pollution and Some of its Questions in Cluj
3rd Prize Viktória Andrasek Batthyány Lajos High School
Nagykanizsa, Hungary
Water-softening with Zeolites
Gergely Papp Piarista Gimnázium
Budapest, Hungary
The Influence of Environmental Factors on the Survival of a Frequent Atmospherically Dispersed Bacterium
Special Prize Nickoloz Tchankoshvili
(For the most and enthusiastic presentation)
Tbilisi, Georgia Bats
(Present Situation and Future)


The International Jury
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