Results in MATHEMATICS session in 1998, Visegrád, Hungary

In the section of mathematics the results and the presentations were evaluated in two categories, that is advanced and basic. Two first prizes and one third prize were issued in the advanced, and one of first, second and third prizes each were issued in the basic category. In addition one Special Prize was awarded.

MATHEMATICS Advanced Category 1998
  Name From Title of the Presentation
1st Prize Sergey Mishchenko Anichkov Lyceum
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
About N. N. Luzin's Example in the Theory of Power Series
Dmitri Parilov Anichkov Lyceum
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Nonuniform Spaces lp
3rd Prize Maksim Volfson Anichkov Lyceum
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Classification of Rational Semigroups


MATHEMATICS Basic Category 1998
  Name From Title of the Presentation
1st Prize Tatyana Galibus Mogilev, Belarus About Saharov's Problem
Ivan Losev Minsk, Belarus About One Property of D-Sequence
3rd Prize Dmitry Mitin Gymnasia No.136
Kiev, Ukraine
About Three Generalizations of Jensen Inequality
Special Prize Pavel Tarasenko
(For the solving of a Borsuk's problem)
Advanced Education & Science Centre
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia
Borsuk's Problem


The International Jury
Name From

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