Results in PHYSICS session in 1998, Visegrád, Hungary


  Name From Title of the Presentation
1st Prize Aleksandar Donev "Gymnasium Koco Racin"
Veles, Macedonia
Viscosity of Flexible Chain Polymers
Erik P. A. Couzijn The Netherlands F A S T -- Full-range Automatic Slip-resistant Transmission
2nd Prize Imre Bálint Ságvári Endre Teacher Training Grammar School of the József Attila University
Szeged, Hungary
The Hydraulic Jump Phenomenon
István Kispál Széchenyi István Gimnázium
Dunaújváros, Hungary
From the Inclined Throwing to the Chaotical Pendulum
3rd Prize Dmitry Mironov Minsk, Belarus The Granulation of Drops in an Air Stream
Edina Baur Rózsa Ferenc Gimnázium
Békéscsaba, Hungary
Andrey Tolochko Minsk, Belarus Peculiarities of Crystal Aggregates Formation
Special Prize Alexander T. Kldiashvili
(For the construction of a simple device for measuring the Earth's magnetic field)
Advanced Education & Science Center
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia
About the Effect of the Earth's Magnetic Field upon Flexible Conductor with Current
Dimitar Cungovski
Marjan Ristevski
Todor Petrovski
(For the construction of an apparatus suitable for the demonstration of the complex effects of air stream)
Electrotechnical Center
Bitola, Macedonia
Wind Tunnel


The International Jury
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