Results in ECOLOGY session in 2002, Kutaisi, Georgia


  Name From Title of the Presentation
1st Prize Nina Vollbehr The Netherlands The Plague
Jochen Butzer Germany Energy Management at School -- or the Task of Reducing the Waste of Resources!
2nd Prize Hessel Juenhuis
Fardo Weitsenburg
The Netherlands Colour blindness with chicks
Beka Khvedelidze Georgia Influence of Sewerage on Physical and Chemical Contents of Ogaskura River
Krisztina Nikowitz
Márta Blastik
Orsolya Valkó
Fazekas Mihály Grammar School
Budapest, Hungary
Biological Viruses -- Software Viruses
Dzmitry Kazmachou Belarus The Affecting of Ions of Heavy Metals on Biosynthesis of Chlorophyll in the Leaves of Plants
Special Prize Kamila Kalachova Czech Republic Eurasian Lynx (Lynx Lynx)


The International Jury
Name From
Andrey Timoshchenko Belarus
Nick Chankoshvili Georgia
Temur Adeishvili Georgia
Jan Marijnissen The Netherlands

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