Results in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE session in 2003, Prague and Kladno, Czech Republic


  Name From Title of the Presentation
1st Prize Jochen Butzer Germany Radiocaesium Contamination of Edible Wild Fungi after the Chernobil Accident
R. V. D. Gaag,
V. V. Dijk
The Netherlands  
2nd Prize Polina Negriu Private Boiko School
Kharkiv, Ukraine
The Changes of Electrophoretical Mobility of Nuclei Depending on a Person's Physiological Condition
Ganna Boyko Private Boiko School
Kharkiv, Ukraine
The Influence of the Colour Palette upon the Students' Memory Abilities
3rd Prize Natalija Buko Ukraine Studying of the Level of Contamination of the River Vilniale and Methods of Impoving its Environment
Fiona Reinaerts,
Dagmar van Wersch
The Netherlands Symmetry is in the Nose


The International Jury
Name From
J. Neustupa Czech Republic
Andrey Timoshchenko Belarus
Tamara Grankina Ukraine
Jan Marijnissen The Netherlands
  The Netherlands

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