Results in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE / ECOLOGY session in 2004, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


  Name From Title of the Presentation
1st Prize Leonie Faller Kepler-Seminar,
Dehumidification of Walls
Jelena Bazar,
Natalya Buko
P. Skorina School,
Studying of the Level of Contamination of the River Suderve's Basin and Estimation of its Environmental Conditions
2nd Prize Anton Mironov Centre of Information Technologies,
A Model Morphometrix Characteristics
Andy Luijben,
Eric Woelk
Scholengroep Trevianum Sittard
The Netherlands
Short Term Memory
3rd Prize Nadzeya Yatsenka International Sakharov Environmental University,
Economic-geographical Characteristics and Environmental Monitoring of Zhodino
Carien Alingh,
Chantal Panman
Ubbo Emmius,
The Netherlands
Need Concentration?! Time to Have a Good Breakfast!!
Honorable Moniek van der Heijden,
Steffi Jansen
Beekvliet College,
The Netherlands
Beekvliet: Clean or Not?!


The International Jury
Name From
Prof. Dr. J. M. van Groenendael The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. P. H. Nienhuis The Netherlands
Dr. W. J. J. M. Scheenen The Netherlands
Dr. Andrey Timoshchenko Belarus
Jochen Butzer Germany
Prof. Dr. Alexander Bogoljubov Russia

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