International Conference of

Young Scientists

Dear National Representatives,

dear Team-leaders,

The Steering Committee of the ICYS had its meeting on 29th of September 2012 in Stuttgart. Topics were the revision of the statutes and regulations and the preparation of the ICYS 2013. Most of the revisions were actualisations and specifications in order to achieve more clearness in the formulation.

But there will be one fundamental change. In the ICYS 2012 several observers took part that are intending to join the Conference with student teams in the future. All members of the ICYS-community should be glad about the increasing interest which will lead to more participating teams and new countries and which will lead to more publicity and reputation world wide.

There is however a maximum number of students, team-leaders, observers, jurors and guests which can be managed by the future hosts. Therefore the Steering Committee decided to change the regulations such that from the next Conference in Indonesia in 2013 on, every country may take part only with one delegation, constisting of at most 6 students and 2 team-leaders. When - after a deadline for preliminary registration - the host still has room for more participants, the number of students and delegation leaders may be increased on the descretion of the Local Organizing Committee.

So we ask the representatives and team-leaders of those countries which in the past had more than one participating team to cooperate trustfully and nominate one common national delegation – contingently with a waiting list for more than 6 students and 2 delegation leaders. We kindly ask you for your understanding for this decision.

Probably we will have a smooth transition to this new situation in 2013 when some countries will not attend because of the higher travel costs to Asia.

Kind regards,

Steering Committee of ICYS

  1. Zsuzsanna Rajkovits 5. Urszula Woznikowska-Bezak

  2. Leonid Markovich 6. Alexander Urban

  3. Hans Jordens 7. Judit Illy

  4. Monika Raharti 8. Srisetiowati Seiful

Dr. Zsuzsanna Rajkovits associate professor

president of ICYS

Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Materials Physics

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Tel.: (36-1) 372 28 22

Fax: (36-1) 372 28 11