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Név: Werner Norbert
Tudományos fokozat: PhD
Intézet: Fizika Intezet
Telefonszám: 06 70 562 1478
Honlap: http://www.stanford.edu/~norbertw


A mesterszakos diplomatéma:
Címe: Observations of mechanical AGN feedback in giant elliptical galaxies
A munka jellege: kísérleti
Szakterületi besorolás: Asztrofizika, kozmológia
A téma rövid leírása: It is now well established that black holes play a vital role in the evolution of their host galaxy. There are two major mechanisms through which AGN can strongly affect their surrounding environment: one is radiative AGN feedback, where the radiation from vigorously accreting black holes couples with the cold gas in the host galaxy; the other is the so-called radio-mechanical feedback, where jets from AGN accreting at a modest rate heat or push the gas out.

The radio-mechanical feedback mode is thought to dominate the evolution of massive galaxies over the past 10 billion years.
In the absence of heating, the hot (~10^7 K) X-ray emitting haloes surrounding giant elliptical galaxies (either haloes of their own, or because they are part of a group or cluster of galaxies) would cool radiatively and form stars, building much larger galaxies than are seen. However, X-ray studies with Chandra and XMM-Newton have shown that the expanding, AGN jet inflated, radio lobes displace the hot gas, creating "cavities" in the X-ray emitting plasma and drive weak shocks that heat the surrounding medium isotropically, preventing it from cooling.

The student will use proprietary high resolution JVLA radio data of nearby giant elliptical galaxies, in conjunction with Chandra X-ray data, to study the heating of the hot X-ray emitting haloes by the radio jets emanating from the central supermassive black holes.
Szükséges előismeretek: The knowledge of the Python programming language is an advantage
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