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A kiíró adatai
Név: Dobos László
Tudományos fokozat: PhD
Intézet: Komplex Rendszerek Fizikája Tanszék
Telefonszám: 30/3878603
Honlap: http://www.vo.elte.hu/~dobos


A mesterszakos diplomatéma:
Címe: Searching for Large Structures at z<0.7
A munka jellege: elméleti
Szakterületi besorolás: Asztrofizika, kozmológia
A téma rövid leírása: The Hubble Deep Field-South (HDF-S) is one of a few deep fields with comprehensive multiband public data from X-rays to radio. It has also been observed by the 1.8 m 32 CCD Warsaw Telescope from the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile, which data set is yet unprocessed. The task of the student is to process and mosaic about 1000 CCD images using existing image processing pipeline software and create a calibrated phometric catalog of the identified objects. Further processing of the data will include cross-matching with other catalogs and identifying potential large scale structure. The project will be performed in collaboration with Gerard Williger (Konkoly Observatory, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA).
Szükséges előismeretek: python
Egyetemi konzulens:
Tanszék: Komplex Rendszerek Fizikája Tanszék




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