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Név: Szöll?si Gergely János
Tudományos fokozat: PhD
Intézet: Fizika Intézet, Biológiai Fizika Tanszék 1117 Pázmány Péter stny. 1A
Telefonszám: 06307253532
Honlap: http://angel.elte.hu/~ssolo


A alapszakos szakdolgozati téma:
Címe: Horizontális transzferek mint molekuláris fossziliák
A munka jellege: elméleti
Szakterületi besorolás: Biológiai Fizika
A téma rövid leírása: Since Zuckerkandl and Pauling proposed the exis- tence of a molecular clock in 1962, all attempts at dating the tree of life have been based on this hypothesis and its refinements. Although this method, which supposes a rel- atively steady rate of evolutionary changes, is known to have several shortcomings, it has been the de facto standard in the absence of any alterna- tive. One such limitation is its dependence on the relatively rich multicellular fossil record, to correct for the variations of evolutionary rates. Consequently, due to the scarcity of microbial fossils, molecular clock methods are incapable of recon- structing the timing of the evolution of life in bacte- ria, archaea and before the emergence of multicel- lular organisms. Our goal is to develop dating methods that can exploit information on relative dates of speciations encoded in transfer events.

The successful candidate will work on thesis that reviews molecular clock methods and explores how relative constraints may be introduced.
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Tanszék: Biológiai Fizika Tanszék




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