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A kiíró adatai
Név: Pásztor Gabriella
Tudományos fokozat: PhD
Intézet: ELTE TTK Fizikai Intézet Atomfizikai Tanszék Budapest 1117 Pázmány Péter sétány 1A
Telefonszám: +36-1-3722760
Honlap: http://gpasztor.web.cern.ch/gpasztor/


A mesterszakos diplomatéma:
Címe: Search for supersymmetric particles with the CERN LHC CMS experiment
A munka jellege: kísérleti
Szakterületi besorolás: Részecskefizika
A téma rövid leírása: The CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN was designed to measure precisely the properties and interactions of elementary particles in the proton-proton collisions of the LHC, the most energetic particle accelerator ever built. With the discovery of the Higgs boson at LHC in 2012, the research programme focuses on precision measurements of the electroweak sector as well as on direct searches for new phenomena such as the production of dark matter or supersymmetric particles.

The student will join one of the ongoing research projects within the MTA-ELTE Lendulet CMS Particle and Nuclear Physics Group. They will analyse the LHC Run 2 collision data collected between 2015 and 2018 at record energy by the CMS experiment with the aim to glimpse at New Physics phenomena, in particular new particles predicted by the supersymmetric extension of the standard model.

The project will allow the student to work in an international environment, to learn the methods used in particle physics experiments with complex detector systems, and to apply novel data mining and analysis techniques. The results are expected to be published in a high impact factor peer-reviewed journal by the CMS experiment.
Szükséges előismeretek: particle physics, English, c++, linux
Egyetemi konzulens:
Tanszék: Atomfizikai Tanszék




Programozás és grafika:
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